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Gear: Issue 43

Gear makes the move into big time with a black & white glossy cover, an increased music review and interview forum and a new $2 cover price in an upgraded twenty-six pages. Michael Brighton, the editor of Gear, has been busy with the transition from the older version of the magazine to it's new higher quality format. In addition to the aforementioned changes Gear will now be published once every six weeks instead of monthly in order to accommodate the increased volume of information. One minor distraction accompanied all of the effort put into this issue was that all of a sudden Gear was filled with typos.I'm sure it's only a passing affair that occurred in the rush to bring this issue to publication as the usual proof reading skills will return in future issues. This months interviews include a small communication with Apparatus, My Psychic Motor, Contingence, Misery Loves Company and full length discussions with Jim Thirlwell of Foetus, cEVIN KEY of Download and Steve Roach of Well of Souls. Also included are over twenty music reviews, more than twice the number that appeared in the previous format. Gear is definitely making a positive change in the right direction and I look forward to future issues with my fingers crossed to keep the quality up.

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