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Gear: Issue 42

GEAR is quickly approaching it's fourth anniversary at the end of 1995. In the past four years we've seen 42 issues, published religiously once a month with at least two band interviews and one other main feature besides the editorial, musics reviews & epilogue. No other magazine in the industrial arena can even begin to compare to the dedication of the people of Gear at meeting the deadline and publishing a quality product all in a sixteen page, full sized FREE magazine. Starting with the next issue GEAR is going to be adding a glossy cover page, adding more features, moving to a six week publishing schedule all while finally charging a mild $2 fee for the magazine. Hats off to Michael Brighton of GEAR for consistently producing a high quality magazine always full of intelligent band interviews like Die Krupps & Young Gods. Make sure to add GEAR to your monthly reading list.

Gear Magazine
P.O. Box 140790
Nashville, TN 37214
(215) 552-8805


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