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Fringeware Review: Issue 10

Fringeware is a magazine whose primary focus is on the culture associated with fringe lifestyles, viewpoints, science, as well as anything that average person standing on the street might view as mildly controversial. This particular issue takes at aim the origins of Chaos theory as seen through the eyes of the net-savvy and esteemed fringe culture philosophers such as Hakim Bey and Genesis P-Orridge. Many of the theories presented in this forum while based heavily upon historical fact still rely a great deal upon mysticism and counter culture mythology almost to a point of reading like fiction instead of the non-fiction they are supposed to be. Fringeware seems to walks over the edge of unbiased journalism that magazines like Mondo 2000 try to remain faithful to, and into the realm of actually preaching to it's readership. Escapism seems to play an integral role in the majority of the columns, and yet there is just enough established fact carefully glued into place between the sermonic rhetoric that make us all question at least one of our institutionalized systems of belief.

Fringeware Review
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