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Fair Use: The Story Of The Letter U And The Numeral 2
By Negativland with a Foreward by Francis Gary Powers Jr.

  1. Snuggles 2:46
  2. Keep Your Evenings Free 4:20
  3. Please Don't Sue Us 4:01
  4. Gimme The Mermaid 4:30
  5. It Ain't Legit 4:29
  6. You Must Respect Copyright 2:30
  7. How Long Have You Been Waiting For U2? 7:48
  8. A Nickel Per Fish Sandwich 8:00
  9. Only A Sample 8:02
  10. Crosley Bendix Discusses The U.S. Copyright Act 25:56

Fair Use chronicles the torrid affair from beginning to end of the U2 single released in September of 1991 and still continuing to this day. Included with the 270 page booklet is a ten track CD discussing much of the court case and related issues with Negativlands' usual parody and wit. Also included in the booklet are the reprinted pages from the now out of print "The Letter U And The Numeral 2" as well as Track 10 with Crosley Bendix's amusing anecdotes on copyright. This booklet is the definite authoritative compilation of the entire litigation and media frenzy over the disputed U2 EP. All sides of the argument have their opinions and facts printed and it tries to leave the ultimate decision of the case up to the reader with only a slight slant in favor of the band because they released the book and not the opposition. If you ever were curious about any minute detail regarding this case, I suggest you pick up a copy and find out.

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