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F Magazine: Volume 9, Issue 4

F Magazine is a trade magazine that happened to catch my eye while in New York City which happeneds to contain a feature article on Die Krupps. The primary focus of the magazine is keep on top of the 'hard' music industry, whatever that might be. Featured are a handful of biased music reviews, radio and retail charts of the top 'hard' bands, some networking contact information on all the labels who were featured or advertised in the current issue, and a handful of band interviews. Obviously this is not a fanzine but instead a trade magazine which probably ends up on the desk of every record label in the country. Why it is being sold on the newstands to the average reader remains to be seen. The magazine is definitely much more useful for a record executive or radio DJ. However it does provide some rathering startling insight into minds of the leeches of the monolithic record labels just exactly how hypocritical the music industry can be at times.

Concrete Marketing, Inc.
1133 Broadway
Suite 1220
New York, NY 10010
(212) 645-1360


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