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E.X.P: Issue 4

E.X.P. is a free, half-sized newsletter that folds out into six different panels on a large poster-sized sheet of paper. E.X.P. focuses on Electronica music and this issue features articles and interviews with Speedy J, Doktor Kosmos, We, Schematic Records, Amon Tobin and Cujo. Also included are over fifty album reviews. The content is small, but the graphic design is amazing. Printed on corn husk colored paper with a red-brown ink, the color contrast is brilliant. The light background shading coupled with the creative use of white space that is crammed full of photos, logos, and commentary is amazing given the limited space of this publication. It just goes to show how good a free publication can look if you put some well trained thought into it.

1241 Johnson #333
San Luis Opisop, CA 93401


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