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Eskhatos: Issue 1

Eskhatos is a $4, quarterly, full sized, white paper stock publication that focuses on experimental music and diverse controversial media topics. To give you an idea of how diverse this issue has articles on Non Lethal Weapons, The Gulf War Syndrome, and Earthquakes, right next to interviews with The Christian Death Society, Ordo Equitum Solis, Muslimgauze and Kurt Saxon. Eskhatos also has one of the more comprehensive and varied music review sections with over fifty reviews ranging from classical industrial, and gothic to extreme Japanese noise. Eskhatos is a handy little counter culture magazine that isn't afraid to tackles all angles of today's subversive society. It is definitely worth a closer examination just for the sheer depth of coverage and forethought put into it's design.

P.O. Box 961
Portland, OR 97207


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