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Endangered Species: Issue 1

Endangered Species is the premire issue of a magazine who was formally known as "Pit Report". The magazine is free and can be found in various coffee shops and record outlets from New York City to northern New England. This particular issue garnered my attention with the mention of an interview with Darryl Hell of Abstinence. This seemed particularly odd since the magazine was definitely focused more on the metal, death rock and hard core genre's rather than industrial music. In fact besides the Abstinence interview and three music reviews, the magazine might as well be kindling for the avid electro enthusiast. Albeit the relevant content is actually well written by open minded individuals who don't automatically assume that an electronic band has no talent. Definitely worth the cost of the paper it's printed on since it's free, beyond that read at your own risk.

Endangered Species
P.O. Box 120905
Boston, MA 02112-0905
(617) 338-4849


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