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DMZ: Issue 3

This time around DMZ has sacrificed it's color cover for a large print run and some extra pages to bring the format up to 44 pages in length. They've also dumped some of the sillier regular columns and cleaned up the writing a bit, enough so that DMZ has actually become quite a respectable publication. Issue three contains interviews with Martin Atkins, N17, DJ Bent! & Fat Boy Slim as well as a nice long article dealing with CMJ 1997 and a label profile of Tinman Records. The album review section has really been beefed up to include over thirty album reviews and a few tape reviews. A magazine review section has also been added along with some video reviews, a local scene report and label/band contact information. DMZ has shown some excellent growth this issue and with luck should become even better.

130 Madison Ave, 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10016


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