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Dark Angel: Issue 20

Dark Anegl arrives on the wings of damned from the dark continent of Australia. This time around the magazine focuses on more electro styles of music instead of the usual gothic style with interviews with Shelter, Spine of God, Richard H. Kirk, Mortiis, Death In June, Jayne County, Stoa, Cold Meat Industries, and Poppy Z. Brite. While the music reviews are sparse, scene reports, speciality forums, concert reviews, and editorials are used to fill the magazine. The entirety of the underground alternative lifestyles are covered from piercing, bondage, role playing games, to the Internet, poetry, literature and magick. The layout are design are rather mundane, but the information presented is very succinct and to the point which is it's saving grace over some other print magazines.

Dark Angel Productions
P.O. Box 383
Richmond, Victoria
Australia, 3121


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