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DAMn!: Issue 9

DAMn makes it way back into my mailbox after a few odd months of transition time to find my new address. In case you haven't already been briefed, DAMn is a free, bimonthly, half sized, color cover magazine hailing from the trenchs of the Jersey underground. The editors also double as members of Crocodile Shop and D!v!s!on #9, but we won't hold that against them. Crammed into the tiny ten page issue are over thirty album reviews, an East Coast scene report, and an interview with Athan Maroulis of Spahn Ranch. Damn always goes out of it's way to dredge up all of the little tiny pieces of rumor and heresy about your favorite bands and print them before anyone else does, which is quite a feat since they continually scoop me, and I thought I had relatively decent connections. All that, and all you have to do is send enough change to cover postage and they will mail you a copy to wear down to the tattered edges just like mine.

5 Franklin Blvd
Somerset, NJ 08873


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