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DAMN: Issue 13

DAMN has gone through quite a few changes with it's one year anniversary issue. While it is still available free throughout the New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania area, the price has gone up to $2 if you want a copy by mail. For the extra $1, you now get a full sized, professionally printed, 16 page magazine with a color cover. Gone are the days of glossy color copies and this new issue looks really slick. This particular issue contains interviews with Collide, Plastic Noise Experience, and the Metalheadz. There are also articles on David Cronenberg's "Crash", Top-ten lists for 1996, Megalopolis scene review, book reviews, and more music reviews than ever before. Of course, I am probably more than a little biased since I write for DAMN, but the magazine still is the best East Coast Industrial rag.

5 Franklin Blvd
New Brunswick, NJ 08873


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