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DAMn!: Issue 10

Issue #10 is the largest DAMn yet. Not only have they increased the number of pages and the print run but they have managed to be included with 100 promo mailings from Cleopatra Records. With the extra size they have included a work of fiction and a dissertation on the Sandman comic as well as their usual reviews and interviews. This month's feature interview is a two page spread on Orbital which was conspicuously printed upside down for reasons that I don't even want to fathom. DAMn is still free if you are lucky enough to dwell in NY, NJ, PA, or CA, and only a $1 elsewhere to cover the postage. Not a bad deal from a magazine insane enough to begin printing music reviews written by me again.

5 Franklin Blvd
Somerset, NJ 08873
(908) 249-9610


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