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Cyberlogue: Fall 1996

Cyberlogue is a $2, quarterly, full sized, black & white newsprint publication with a print run of about 1,000. Although only twenty-four pages in length, within this medium, Cyberlogue manages to squeeze in nine interviews and thirty music reviews. This months features include 29 Died, Battery, DHI, Hate Dept., Informatik, Marty Colony, Pain Station, Swamp Terrorists, and my all time favorite Clock DVA. In fact I seem to recall the editor contacting me about the use of my web pages as a resource for the article several months ago. You might also want to check out their web page debut on October 1st when they place their entire back catalogue on line for your viewing pleasure.

Cybersell Industries
c/o Rik Millhouse
34-43 Crescent Street
Suite 3-S
Long Island City, NY 11106
(718) 706-7128

E-mail: none

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