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Culture Shock: Issue #3

At last someone was listening when I was complaining about the lousy state of American electro magazines. With this issue Culture Shock has stomped upon the big two (Permission & Industrial Nation). Not only is the layout, and design amazing but the editors have done an amazing job with their choice of paper and glossy cover. This particular issue contains interviews with more European electro artists than I care to type as well as a huge list of labels, label profiles, and tons of album and demo reviews. And to top it all off, starting next issue, Culture Shock will begin to publish twice a year with a companion compilation CD consisting of exclusive tracks by artists featured in it's partner issue. The only thing that I dislike about this magazine is it's Euro-centric attitude with very little focus on American bands and absolutely no attention being paid to the guitar cross-over genre. Culture Shock may be a global electro magazine but by ignoring domestic and synthcore bands they may be focusing on too narrow of a listening audience.

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