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Culture Shock: Issue 2

Culture Shock emerged out of the wastelands of the east coast metroplexes to serve us up a new cultural view of the underground electronic music scene. Apparently the magazine has been in existence for at least a year but due to circumstances unknown to me, it was on a temporary hiatus which ended with the release of this current issue. One feature of Culture Shock that I enjoyed the most was the extensive music release section which walked step by step through the album release schedules of just about every single industrial label worldwide. Just when I thought I was up to date on everything going on in the realm of industrial music, Culture Shock teach me a few new tricks. Also included are handful of relatively short interviews with Numb, Vuz Records, Putrefy Factor 7, THD, Aghast View, Project Pitchfork, :wumpscut:, Evil's Toy, The Fair Sex, Crocodile Shop, Testify, and Remyl. I think that perhaps with only a minute bit more work each of these interviews could have been beefed up a little and perhaps have gone beyond what was only a fragmented view inside the mind of each artist. The music and magazine reviews are very strong as is the graphical design and layout of the magazine which only proves my point that while content is necessary, it is the format in which the magazine is presented that ultimately provides the final opinion of the publication to the reader. (Jester)

Half page-sized black and white magazine that is probably the best American zine at providing information/interviews on European bands, labels and releases. It was amazing the amount of invaluable and tantalizing information I got out of the Global Assault' section of the magazine, which covers new electro and industrial releases and projects all over the globe. The number of interviews with European (and one Brazilian) "industrial" acts was also quite impressive for the size of this magazine. They also cover electro-industrial scenes and bands from North America with considerable success. The first few interviews with Numb and Putrefy Factor 7 are quite good and entertaining, but most of the other interviews are a little lacking in depth; but for the most part, they don't fall into the trap of asking the basic questions (i.e. where did you get your name?, etc.). I was hoping for a few more reviews as well, but this could be just a factor of a limited amount of space to work with. The layout made It fairly easy to read and they used some interesting, somewhat surreal backgrounds on many pages. One of the many reasons that makes this such a good publication is the fact they list all of the contact addresses on one page, which I think makes it much easier to find when you are looking to contact a particular label and/or band. Definitely a very good source for electro-industrial music, especially for North Americans who are interested in anything going on in the European sector. (Kevin Congdon)

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