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Chaotic Critiques: Issue 8

Chaotic Critiques is a full-sized, 28 page, photocopied and stapled publication hailing from British Columbia, Canada. Ironically, the cover declares it "Your nighttime, sneezing, snuffling, Heavy Metal, Industrial, Gothic, Punk, Hardcore, toilet-side reading material" which just about sums the magazine up properly. Musically, the magazine is equally split between the aformentioned genres but this review will focus specifically on the Industrial / Gothic features which includes Waiting For God, Deathline International, Sielwolf, Colossal Spin, Stone 588. Also included are twenty other Industrial related reviews which are more like short articles than actual reviews. Overall Chaotic Criqitues is not a bad publication, albeit, it could benefit from a better layout and formatting, but the magazine is young, so I imagine, with time, that it will grow.

Chaotic Critiques
P.O. Box 426
Lumby, BC Canada


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