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Carpe Noctem: Issue 9

Carpe Noctem is a 64 page, full sized, glossy covered, quarterly publication. While more of a fashion, literary, and art magazine, it still does a fare job of covering a portion of the Gothic music scene as well. This issues featured musicians include a rather extensive look into the world of Diamandas Galas and the minimalistic Tribal nature of Loren Nerell. A myriad of well written album reviews fill out the musical section of the magazine leaving the remainder for other content. What is most impressive about Carpe Noctem is the detail of the layout and presentation of each and every page. Who ever was in charge of the graphic design spent a great deal of time working with shades of black and white so that every detail could be brought out in the artwork and backgrounds without sacrificing the readability of the text. If you are looking for a magazine that covers the entire Gothic culture from front to back without dragging overplayed sexual issues into the open, than Carpe Noctem is for you.

Carpe Noctem
260 S. Woodruff Avenue, Suite #105W
Idaho Falls, ID 83401


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