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Control-Alt-Delete: Issue 10

Control-Alt-Delete is a full sized, sixteen page, photocopied, quarterly newsletter dedicated to exposing the music and culture of synth pop. Included within are such diverse elements as concert festival reviews, and accompanying photographs, reprints of newsletter sponsored music compilations, fan mail, and general band banter. The magazine has less of the feel of a print publication and more the feeling of the finely tuned interconnected machine that the synth pop engine seems to be. Several feature articles offer suggestions to aspiring bands and their managers. Also included are several band interviews, classified ads, and mail order catalogs. Every conceivable means of contacting, promoting, advertising, selling, touring, and marketing a band is covered between the narrow covers. Those interested can obtain a copy for the yearly subscription price of $16, which may seem a bit high, but is well worth the value for the volume of information contained within it.

P.O. Box 38553-1010
Houston, TX 77238-8553


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