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Boing Boing: Issue 14

Boing Boing manages to place itself on the fine line between it's literary brethren Wired & Mondo 2000. The regular columns and articles are wide and varied and cover everything from gearhead culture to metabolism hacking. Boing Boing seems to have the luxury of not taking itself as serious as Wired and not making a sarcastic attack on itself and it's own culture as Mondo 2000 does. This has a tendency to give BB a great deal of freedom to publish deranged off topic interviews with the Barbi Twins of Playboy fame in the same issue as Bruce Sterling dissects the dead media and Cliver Barker critiques lesbian bondage and not take any of them more serious than the other. This leaves BB with the longstanding reputation of still remaining in collaboration with the digital underground regardless of their mass distribution and readership, a definite plus in my book.

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