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Blackmail: Issue 1

Blackmail is a free, fourteen page, half-sized publication hailing from New Jersey which originally use to exist as a BlackMetalBox fanzine. With this new issue comes a format change and the decision to include more of the Guitar-Industrial crossover genre in their articles. Included within are an interview with Jared of Chemlab, Degression, Pain Pleasure Acid, Freak Seed, & Power Plant. Also included are a handful of album reviews, current BlackMetalBox events, a bit of poetry, an odd bit of word art and a nice little rant about the magazine's compilation CD, "Tentacles of Submission". Blackmail really isn't an Industrial zine, but rather a local scene report that happens to contains articles on Industrial artists as well as a myriad of other artists.

Blackmail Magazine
144 North Beverwyck Road #348
Lake Hiawatha, NJ 07034-1909


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