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Black Monday: Issue 1.6

Black Monday returns with it's first issue that contains a cover price. It seems that in order to continue manufacturing this quality little zine that people are either going to have to start paying for advertising or shell out single greenback. Of course, if you have actually taken the time to peruse any of the previous Black Monday catalogue, you'd realize that it is definitely worth more that a buck. This issue contains interviews with Sheep on Drugs, Urania, Cranes, Winds Died Down, A Different Kind of Cop, Beauty, and John Bergin of Trust Obey. Also included are a handful of album reviews, an article on an artists named The Table, and a rant written by Paul Santa Clara about the state of the industry that was originally posted to All this and more witty commentary written down the spine of each page. What more could a person ask for?

Black Monday
1030 N. Dearborn #1004
Chicago, IL 60610


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