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Black Monday: Issue 1.4

This issue of Black Monday has increased it's page size to eighteen and has included a beautifully designed, translucent, wax paper cover. Once again Dean has outdone himself and has put together a wonderfully artistic magazine that is still extremely easy to read. This particular issues contains interviews with KMFDM, Sister Machine Gun, Grotus, Thrill Kill Kult, and Slave Unit as well as show reviews of Insight 23, Christ Analogue, Acumen, Thrill Kill Kult and the 1996 CMJ Showcase. As usual there are also a ton of album and a newly remodeled demo review section that features six rather diverse, independent projects from across the country. Black Monday still remains free, albeit with a small shipping charge for those outside of Chicago, and continues to release a quality product. Now, I just have to figure out the point of all the ranting and raving by the editor along the spine of the entire magazine and I'll truly be content with Black Monday.

Black Monday
1030 North Dearborn Parkway #1004
Chicago, IL 60610


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