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Black Monday: Issue 1.3

This issue of Black Monday is the long awaited interview issue exclusively consisting of band interviews with the likes of Ipecac Loop, Numb, 16 Volt, and Front Line Assembly. They also manage to sneak in a page of concert reviews for Psychic TV, Hate Dept, and UNIT:187. Black Monday is yet another free publication that only requires you to send enough postage to cover the absurd prices that the mail system charges to acquire your own copy. They manage to keep doing this by acquiring smalls advertisements like the one located on the last page in the corner for COP International. Anything goes to keep the information flowing as free as the highway robbery of the shipping industry will allow. Kudoes once again to Dean for yet another strong layout issue, when will someone hire this guy for a job that pays the big bucks?

Black Monday
1030 North Dearborn Parkway #1004
Chicago, IL 60610


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