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Black Monday: Issue 1.2

Following quickly upon the tails of the premire issue of Black Monday is the second. What a concept, an underground print music magazine with a regular release schedule. Once again, the magazine is half-sized, laser printed and consisting of twelve pages packed full of reviews. Also included is a center spread article on Babyland, as well as concert reviews for Type-O Negative, Negativland and This Ascension. Black Monday still retains it's solid grasp of page layout and design albeit a little lacking in the area of band sponsored artwork, choosing instead to rely more on self produced graphic design and strong textual arrangement to yield the same results. Some of the music reviews are also a bit brief and condescending, rather than trying to give an objective opinion. However, seeing as this publication is being produced out of the less than deep pockets of a diehard music fan, perhaps this one little transgression can be overlooked.

Black Monday
1030 North Dearborn Parkway #1004
Chicago, IL 60610


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