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Base Asylum: Issue 1

James Cooney of Base Asylum certainly has been paying attention to what makes a successful Industrial fanzine before trying his hand at such a venture himself. The debut issue of Base Asylum comes packaged with a 15 song CD featuring artists covered in the magazine. Base Asylum, is a 36 page, full sized, black & white, glossy covered magazine that retails for $10, which includes the compilation CD and the magazine. This issue features articles on Mindless Faith, Industrial Heads, Birmingham 6, T.H.C., Scar Tissue, Negative Format, Martin Atkins, Thine Eyes, Seilwolf, Biopsy, Signal to Noise, Mark 13, Terminal Choice, Informatik, The Fair Sex, Gridlock, Neuroactive, Sister Machine Gun, Covenant, Manhole Vortex, :wumpscut:, Shade Factory, and Mentallo & The Fixer. Also included are over 100 album reviews, an editorial and a short sections on upcoming Industrial events. The layout is minimal, but very crisp, making the magazine an easy read. Base Asylum is definitely the best first issue of a start-up fanzine I've seen in years!

Base Asylum
P.O. Box 213
Exton, PA 19341-0213


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