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Arc: Issue 5

Sadly this looks as if this will be the last print issue of Arc magazine because Ken Holewczynski cannot seem to find enough advertising to break even anymore. It is rather unfortunate that we are going to seemingly lose one of the four decent printed industrial magazines on the market but don't fret as it appears that as soon as Ken upgrades his modem to 28.8 bps he'll be putting his magazine together online. You heard correctly, Ken wants to continue to publish Arc magazine and if he can't afford to publish it in a print medium he is moving it onto the Internet. Details on the timing of this new change are sketchy but stay tuned for further information. The final issue of Arc contains interview with two COP International bands namely Battery and Deathline Int'l as well as Bile and Plastic Noise Experience. Arc is now the only publication that remains that put the artists interviewed on the cover of his magazine. All of the other underground zines have relegated themselves to displaying some kind of art noire on their covers. Also included in Arc are over sixty music reviews, several publication reviews and a poll of the top twenty-five industrial albums of all time from If you haven't had a chance to have a look at Arc here's your last chance before they cease print publication.

Arts Industria
P.O. Box 4142
South Bend, IN 46634-4142


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