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Ambience: Issue 7

Ambience is a 58 page, full sized, glossy covered, quarterly magazine from the land down under. While most of the magazine caters to the New Age freaks, there are a few relevant articles that might peak the interest of the experimental listening scene. Included in this issue is a nice little feature on the Asphodel Records 'Drones' compilation series, a short look into the world of Silent records, and a rather extensive conversation with Robin Rimbaud of Scanner. A handful of the album reviews are also of interest, but the rest of the magazine is simply fodder for the world beat music scene who are far too concerned with duplicating natural sounds with digital electronics equipment. What would you expect from a publication that reviews a Deep Forest concert, certainly nothing evenly remotely aggressive thats for sure.

Ambience Publishing
P.O. Box 417
Waterloo, NSW 2017


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