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Ambience: Issue 6

Ambience is a full sized, color cover, sixty page publication, originating in Australia that focuses on an wide variety of eclectic music. The most notable features of this particular issue are an in depth interview with Darrin Verhagen of Shinjuku Thief and David Thompson of Emit Records. Also included are such regular features music reviews for the seven different types of music featured in this magazine; jazz, celtic, ambient, new age, eclectic, electronic & folk. There are also a number of small artists profiles which are normally focused on New Age artists, and yet actually includes a section of Fragmented, an ambient noise solo project from the US. Ambience is a good little magazine if you can overlook so of the tackiness is seems to exhibit from it's largely "New Age' oriented clientele.

Ambience Publishing
P.O. Box 417
Waterloo, NSW 2017


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