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Alternative Press: Issue 96

Someone must have given Alternative Press a swift kick in the ass because all of a sudden they are reporting on the synth core scene as if it is the latest and greatest musical fad. Too bad it's been around for over four years and they are now just taking notice. Aside from the usual less than alternative exposes on MTV spawned bands, the special article which highlights some of the patron saints of modern industrial music is a real treat. Albeit a bit short and self centered in some places, Jared of Chemlab, Jurgen of Die Krupps, and Rhys of Front Line Assembly give their perspectives on the state of the industry. A grab bag of musical suggestions are also given, and Mike Mahon of Metropolis Records cranks out an excellent music review section which is sure to make many an underground musician glad their music has seen the light of day in this publication. Perhaps now we'll see the music industry turn their eye away from all the NIn clones and towards the music we all hold most dear, finally giving it the justice it so richly deserves.

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