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Zia: Shem

  1. Space Multimedia
  2. Future 4:25
  3. Hand Held 3:58
  4. Lie 3:57
  5. River 3:40
  6. Disevolve 4:28

After listening to the 'Pagan Goddess' on Mind/Body Volume 3 and the sheer ferocity of Elaine Walkers vocals finally on a digital medium I was eagerly awaiting this EP. I had at one point in the past heard some Zia's older material on a demo tape as well and was happily surprised to notice the refined sound of the newer tracks. Some of the older material had been exceedingly rough around the edges and ended up sounding like an aggressive experimental band. Elaine has since smoothed out her vocals and eliminated many of the more subtle imperfections that gave it a harsh edge. Instead she seems to radiate a great amount of harmony even on some of the more assertive tracks compared to her older style. Also included on the EP is a multimedia presentation which explores terrestrial based space exploration in our solar system and beyond. From the days of Sputnik to the more modern Galileo space probe. The presentation was actually written and composed in it's entirety by Elaine and Bob Gourley of Chaos Control magazine. Elaine has once again surprised me with both her unique perspective into the atonal structuring of electronic music and her wide variety of technical skills.

Zia are: Elaine Walker & Rob Trainor

Fifth Column Records
P.O. Box 787
Washington, DC 20044
(202) 783-0044


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