Album Cover

Zero State: Plastic Surgery

  1. Totalitarian
  2. Solvent
  3. Black Shirt March
  4. After The Slaughter
  5. Confirmed
  6. Blind Lead Blind

While the production quality of this new Zero State EP is lacking in some places, it is certainly light years above their first demo. Musically the release is a great deal more complex, depending less on preset percussion and samples, and more on self made sounds. Lyrically the tracks have become more focused and direct as well as politically oriented. There are even a few instrumental tracks that contains no vocals. The music still remains 100% electronic and guitar free with a large focus on the club audience. However James has taken a lot of the criticism and advice from his first demo, put it to good use here, and has shown a great deal of both musical and technical growth, which is always encouraging to see in a new artist.

Zero Slate is: James Cooney

Zero Slate
P.O. Box 213
Exton, PA 19341-0213


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