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Various Artists: Zauber of Music II

  1. STOA - Partus
  2. Love is Colder Than Death - Abiata
  3. Love Spirals Downwards - Avicenna
  4. Chandeen - Ginger (remix)
  5. Black Rose - Instants
  6. Sleeping Dogs Wake - Snakedance
  7. Eden - Darkness In Me
  8. Regenerator - Today
  9. Die Form - Doctor X
  10. Attrition - Acid Tongue
  11. Forthcoming Fire - Son of Men
  12. A Split-Second - Suckerpunch
  13. Some More Crime - Real Thing
  14. Lycia - Pray
  15. Black Tape For A Blue Girl - Our Future
  16. Days of The Moon - Voyagers
  17. Eleven Shadows - Isabella
  18. Autopsia - Prologue
  19. Legion - Deep White

This compilation is a limited edition free insert that came with Music From The Empty Quarter, Issue 10. All of the bands present are on Hyperium/Hypnobeat Records out of Germany. The selection of music is very heavy on the gothic side with only a few industrial acts of which to speak. All of the gothic acts are from the new school and shy away from the heavy brooding vocals shrouded by angstful guitars instead choosing to rely heavily upon electronic programming and soulful wailing to achieve the same affect. The industrial acts vary from performance art bands to more dance floor style music. Nothing single track jumps out as anything special but the real strength of the compilation is it's sheer diversity. Not one of the umpteen odds bands present ends up traversing the same musical path as anther band. Each band acts as an enticement and an open doorway into each artists respective musical worlds. Allowing the audience to pick and choose what suits them best and vanish from the minds eye into the musical into the musical realms they desire.

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