You Shriek: Burn Something Dear

  1. V1.0
  2. Spill
  3. First Cut
  4. Tear
  5. Gun
  6. Chrypostrophe
  7. Grim
  8. Ulyss 7
  9. The Julia Set
  10. Trip On This

After years of struggling with self-released cassettes, vinyl and CD EP's, You Shriek have finally arrived at an amicable album deal with Mere Mortal Productions. As a result, this Boston trio has culled the bowels of their diverse musical past along with new material to produce their debut album "Burn Something Dear". Ultimately the music is a hybrid of gothic beauty, electronic intensity and tribal brutality that succeeds in pulling forth from the miasma of musical influences to stand alone in their uniqueness. You Shriek has been able to integrate all of the elements they have spent years cultivating and growing to sprout forth with a very appealing release. There is enough vibrance in the musical diversity to appeal to the entire cross section of the industrial and gothic genres even if you have previously dismissed the band in one of their earlier incarnations. So give You Shriek a chance to penetrate your inner musical child and you certainly won't regret it.

You Shriek is: Raziel Panic, Jason Arnone, & John O'Leary

Mere Mortal Productions
P.O. Box 383 B.U. Station
Boston, MA 02215

E-mail: inquire@meremortal.com

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