Album Cover

Yeht Mae: Eam They

  1. True Belief
  2. Alien Gruel
  3. Lynka Says Don't Dream
  4. Killing Machines
  5. Heaven In Hell
  6. Transmission
  7. Animal Exile
  8. You Will Die
  9. Dead Souls Linger
  10. Bring On The Rain

With the release of "Eam They", it marks the first time that Yeht Mae has had a domestic release in it's ten year career. In retrospect that really seems a shame because this band has actually hailed from Los Angeles during it's entire career. So now for the first time can begin to enjoy this American made electro-scape band. This particular album utilizes are wide variety of sample sources and unique guitar instrumentation to tell a short of a story. It could almost be considered a concept album simply because each track tells a miniature section of the entire story. The amazingly simple plot is one in which an alien presence has been responsible for the seeding of all life on the planet and the various roles those aliens have taken in our society. Some genetically alter us into food, other incite riots and war to promote survival of the fittest, and other fulfill their need for pleasure with our bodies. In short, Yeht Mae suggest through it's music that we are all mere pawns of this particular alien progenitor race.

Yeht Mae is: Jeremy Daw & Linda Sterling

Metropolis Records
P.O. Box 54307
Philadelphia, PA 19105


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