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:wumpscut: - Embryodead

  1. Golgotha
  2. Embryodead
  3. Down Where We Belong
  4. Slave To Evil
  5. War
  6. Is It You
  7. Pest
  8. Womb
  9. Angel
  10. Stillbirth

Once again :wumpscut: takes us on a musical journey of which we can never get enough. This time around, Rudy has chosen to release a tight collection of tracks that all revolve around a common theme under the name "Embryodead". As far as concept albums go, the focus of the album tends to wander a little bit, but the message is very clearly focused on all events that could quite possibly occur during the conception, birth, and maturation of a child into an adult. Of course, this wouldn't be Industrial music without bringing out all of the negative events of childhood, so that is what Rudy attemptS TO do throughout the entire album. He skillfully attacks such controversial aspects as slavery, abortion, and religion without trying to preach the correct solution to any of the social issues mentioned.

Musically, "Embryodead" is the densest :wumpscut: release to date. Each of the core compositonal elements from the basslines and strings, to the percussion and vocals are tightly woven together into a compact arrangement that eventually becomes a :wumpscut: track. Rudy also surprises us with the use of more string patches than ever before right alongside the rest of his standard instrumentation. As a result "Embryodead" has a much more polished and smooth feel to it. However, you can rest assured that the music is not so radically different as to disinterest longtime :wumpscut: fans, but rather simply a new stage in the evolution of this amazing German solo project.

:wumpscut: is: Rudy Ratzinger

Metropolis Records
P.O. Box 54307
Philadelphia, PA 19105


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