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:wumpscut: - Bunker Gate 7

  1. Open Gate 1:17
  2. Dying Culture (Second Movement) 4:14
  3. Bunker Gate Seven (German Texture) 4:41
  4. Capitol Punishment 5:48
  5. Die In Winter (Extended) 7:45
  6. Mortal Highway 4:47
  7. Torn Skin 5:29
  8. Corroded Breed 4:16
  9. Bunker Gate Seven (SCFM Texture) 4:40
  10. Die In Winter (Haujobb Edit 2) 4:06
  11. Thorns 5:49
  12. Bunker Gate Seven (reprised) 4:57
  13. Tell Me Why 4:11
  14. Close Gate 1:12

Incredible is the very first word that comes to mind when listening to this release. Many of tracks are very intense and aggressive as well as being very emotionally charged. The song 'Dying Culture' will leave you drained physically and probably mentally as well just from listening to it. Some of the songs include some brutal and intense rhythms, and still maintain that dance club-friendly beat. The band seems to give me the vague impression of incorporating some medieval flavor to some of their tracks, especially the instrumental track 'Bunker Gate 7', that i've gotten from earlier releases, but sometimes it is so subtly woven in that it is hard to pick out. In fact, the only thing about this album that really bothered me was the similar vocal stylings/effects to Claus Larsen's style, at least on the earlier Leaetherstrip releases. The track 'Capital Punishment' starts out with some minimalistic stylings similar to Dive, and then evolves into older Leaetherstrip leanings (similar to Adrenalin Rush); but all the while, the song never comes across as an imitator of either of the two. The track 'Thorns' starts out with some medieval-sounding stringed instrument, then goes into a smooth techno style, with some ambient elements thrown in as well. The track 'Mortal Highway' includes some sampled guitar and could have easily been placed on a Klute album. The song 'Die in Winter' comes across as a very beautiful and sad song, with the vocals coming across as being almost on the verge of tears, and the interweaving of slow, methodical percussive elements, high-pitched "poppy" sounding notes up front and the deeper flowing synths in the background. (Kevin Congdon)

:wumpscut: is: Rudy Ratzinger

Metropolis Records
P.O. Box 54307
Philadelphia, PA 19105


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