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:wumpscut: - Music For A Slaughtering Tribe

  1. Soylent Green (Extended) 7:14
  2. On The Run 4:09
  3. Bleed 2:43
  4. Fear In Motion 3:42
  5. Default (Aghast View Remix) 4:35
  6. Concrete Rage 4:19
  7. She Is Dead (Kirlian Camera Remix) 6:44
  8. Koslow 3:27
  9. Default 3:36
  10. She's Dead 5:11
  11. Believe In Me 6:00
  12. Dudek 4:00
  13. My Life 2:26

The domestic reissue of this first full length :wumpscut: album contains two additional remixes and is short three tracks from the original release on Vuz Records. I for one find it odd that Metropolis scrapped three tracks in favor of two new remixes which are not that far from the originals. Nonetheless it doesn't seem to detract from the overall power and vivacity of the debut :wumpscut: album. As for the music, I'm not sure that any of my words could begin to properly describe the ingenious and talent of the man behind :wumpscut:, Rudy Ratzinger. With this album he singularly reinvented the entire electro genre and smashed flat all that stood before him with the sheer power and intensity of the music. Needless to say I feel that this album marked the beginning of the European redominance of electronic Industrial music and set the standards for everyone else to follow. So now it is finally available domestically, the rest of world can truly begin to appreciate it's brilliance.

:wumpscut: is: Rudy Ratzinger

Metropolis Records
P.O. Box 54307
Philadelphia, PA 19105


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