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Written in Ashes: Eternal

  1. Your Ghost
  2. Nightfeast
  3. Petal (Like the Night)
  4. The Promised
  5. The Burden
  6. Heavenly Host
  7. Gossamer
  8. Expulsion From Eden
  9. When the Sun is Low
  10. Europa

As far as albums go, Written in Ashes debut "Eternal", pales in comparison to their live performances. The entire album lacks the passion and mood that comes from seeing this band perform live. It also lacks some of the strongest material that one usually experiences during a live situation. Most notably, is the inclusion of only a single track that contains violin. Some of Written in Ashes best material utilizes the violin and I am surprised to not see those tracks present on "Eternal". Another item that grates me is the vocalist's uncanny resemblance to Peter Murphy of Bauhaus. However this is only evident on the album. Once again in a live setting, his vocal range has more depth and he shys away from the singular range present on "Eternal". My suggestion to the band is to spend more time in a studio with a proficient engineer and quality equipment so that you can better transfer what is normally a spectacular live performance into at least a passable studio album.

Written in Ashes are:
Kevin Hay - vocals, guitar, keyboards
David Anderson - guitar, violin, vocals
Eric Hold - bass, keyboards, programming
David Battrick - drums, percussion


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