Various Artists: World War Underground

  1. CD-ROM Track
  2. Chemlab - Electric Molecular (KMFDM Death Before Taxes Remix)
  3. proGREX.iv - Don't Speak
  4. En Esch - Work for Love
  5. Trust Obey - Sleeping Angel
  6. Final Cut - It Comes Too
  7. Black Rain - Nanarchy in the U.S.A.
  8. Dessau - On The Banks
  9. Haloblack - Hard End (remix)
  10. T.H.C. - Tetanus Toxin
  11. Sphere Lazza - Jesus Played Guitar
  12. Insight 23 - Enemy Mind (Sick@Chadhuas Demo Remix)
  13. The Shining - Hysteria (Extended Die Krupps Remix)
  14. Haloblack - Balance (Demo Mix)

World Wide Underground marks the first Fifth Column Records release since they were dropped by Caroline Records distribution and had to make an arrangement for Bayside to at least get carried in Tower Records stores. Musically this compilation features recent work and future upcoming tracks by a diverse selection of artists of the label itself. The only consistency present on the record is the wide variety of cover tracks. proGREX.iv does a technofied version of No Doubt's 'Don't Speak', En Esch crucifies the synth-pop Ministry anthem 'Work For Love', Black Rain donate their own unique post-industrial version of The Sex Pistol's ' Nanarchy in the UK', and Dessau makes mincemeat of Indiana University's school song, 'On The Banks'. Needless to say, all of the cover tracks are radical departures from the originals. Also included on the compilation is a CD-ROM track which is little more than a mindless puzzle game for PC compatible computers only. Not a bad little compilation all things considered not only because it shows that Fifth Column records is still above water, but that it's artists still continue to write quality material.

Fifth Column Records
P.O. Box 787
Washingto, DC 20044

E-mail: fifthcolvmn@tunanet.com

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