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Witchcraft: As I Hide

  1. Mindfire Wish
  2. Open Ways
  3. Liquid Air
  4. X-Position
  5. Absentia
  6. Return To Me
  7. Invocation
  8. Iridescent
  9. We Rest
  10. Cathedral
  11. Love on a Battleship

Witchcraft has taken some of the best elements from space rock, traditional industrial and ambient music and cast a spell upon their debut album. The end result is the creation of a fuzzy dreamlike atmosphere when experiencing the album in it's totality from start to finish. Creative sound dispersion and sample alteration function brilliantly within a mesh of abstract percussion and sequencing that evoke a vibrant almost happy go lucky style of music. One might even go far as to suggest that they are developing an bubblegum style of pop music which just happens to utilize a large portion of non pop oriented musical techniques. Witchcraft unwrapped a fresh look into what has been an increasingly single facet ambient genre. Instead of focusing of exorbitant soundscapes and aural whitewashes, Witchcraft has tried to develop depth and change within their orchestration. A few of the tracks even have a lyrical accompaniment which accentuates the music as opposed to detracting from it as it would in a traditional ambient arrangement. If you've become bored with some of the more popular ambient artists perhaps you should give Witchcraft a chance to enlighten your palette and broaden your musical mind.

Witchcraft are:
John Buehler - vocals, keyboards, drum machines, percussion, vocoder & design
Andrew Arbetter - guitar

Blue Triangle Records
c/o Gary Goldstein
P.O. Box 1531
Highland Park, IL 60035
Fax (847) 831-9177


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