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Wilt: Kiss/Clouds

  1. Clouds 6:23
  2. Move 6:58
  3. Kiss 5:35
  4. Faster 4:45
  5. Substratus (Cloud Remix) 4:58
  6. Drownedout (Kiss Remix) 6:31
  7. Kiss (B. Echthros Mix) 9:24

Riding on the success of the track 'Kiss' which appeared on the "Autonomous Parts of Severed Insects" compilation released on Arts Industria records this year, Wilt has returned with a cassette EP of new material and remixes. The first half of the EP contains a fairly diverse selection of lulled, yet beat oriented, electronic compositions that ride the fine line between Techno and Industrial without resorting the cliches of either genre. The second half of the release contains elaborate reworkings and remixes of the previous material. All three tracks are very slow Dub mixes with heavy basslines and lyrical fragments of the original tracks. Wilt is a band that has stumbled onto a freshly unique sound and style that is all their own that should appeal to fans of Ambient Dub and slower Electro. Other acts could also learn from the quality of the presentation and artwork that accompany the music as they are the most impressive I have ever seen from an independent cassette release.

Wilt is: Ryan Kodzik & I. Patterson

Breathing Walls Communications
P.O. Box 100579
Milwaukee, WI 53210-0579


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