Album Cover

Various Artists: We're All Frankies

  1. Bloodstar - Ghost Rider
  2. Foil - Rocket U.S.A.
  3. Dive - Cheree
  4. The Neon Judgement
  5. Darkstar - Girl
  6. Kirlian Camera / O.E.M. - Frankie Teardrop
  7. Psyche - Che

Never having had the luxury of listening to Suicide previously, this cover album probably cannot be properly appreciated by the likes of me. However to a fan who experienced Suicide in their prime during the eighties in New York City will mostly likely pleased with this tribute album. The only downside to this collection of cover songs is that because it was originally released on Daft Records in Europe, all but two of the bands present have never seen a domestic release of their music in the States. As such, American audiences are unfamiliar with their usual style of music and cannot totally grasp the subtleties and unique concepts that each band brings to a cover song. For someone like me the compilation ends being a totally new experience because Dive is the only band I had heard previously in any form. At any rate, at face value "We're All Frankies" appears to be an excellent tribute to a band who has influenced more that it's fair share of bands.

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P.O. Box 787
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