Album Cover

The Weakener: What Do You Know About It?

  1. Spotter
  2. Closed Door
  3. Know Nothing
  4. Pinging
  5. 50 Route
  6. This Place
  7. Silent Dust

With the demise of Scorn, many fans felt they had lost the world's greatest precision dub project. Instead of waiting for the corpse of Scorn to grow cold, Mick nutures his newest musical offspring, The Weakener. The same military cadence and precision of the percussion remains omnipresent, while the atmospheres mutate into new forms. The critical difference between Scorn and The Weakener is that the tempo is dramatically slower. Each composition appears more lethargic than the last regardless of a rather consistent beat per minute. Also of note is the complete absence of vocals or vocal samples which Mick used to varying degrees throughout the lifespan of Scorn. The Weakener is a purely instrumental affair, built on the strength of beat rather than poetry.

The Weakener is: Mick Harris

Wordsound Recordings
129 North 11th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211


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