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Wake Up Call: 7 Pre-Apocalytic Anthems

  1. RedNeck 100
  2. Godspit
  3. Stitch
  4. Last Reward
  5. $hotting $**
  6. Sedate
  7. Closer, Closest

They say that imitation is the most sincerest form of flattery, so in the case of Wake Up Call, they must be proclaiming that Trent Reznor is God. In the hundreds of albums I have listened to, I have never heard such a blatant stylistic clone since Good Courage. Wake Up Call even have to nerve to copy, note for note, 'Something I Can Never Have', with totally new lyrics on 'Closer, Closest'. What makes it worse is that the new lyrics are sung in the exact style tone and key as the Nine Inch Nails track. I fully expect legal implications to arise for Wake Up Call should Nothing Records ever stumble upon this record. The majority of the rest of the album imitates the cadence, instruments, and mood of "The Downward Spiral'. In fact only two tracks 'RedNeck 100' and 'Last Reward' bother to have have some sort of originality to them. Unfortunately, both tracks are amongst the weakest on the album, suggesting that Wake Up Call really needs to somehow find new musical talent, or own up to be a Nine Inch Nails cover band.

Wake Up Call
4, bd Soult
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