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Various Artists: Voyager

  1. Saul Stokes - Ivaneer
  2. Falling You - When Will it End?
  3. Viridian Sun - Ariai
  4. Falling You - The Dream Begins
  5. Lycia - Dome
  6. Life Garden - Dzoqchen
  7. Falling You - Solace
  8. Exit - Echoes
  9. Lead - Rush
  10. Gone Postal (Totemplow with Dr 'Sup?') - Skeleton Key
  11. John Michael Zorko - Ocean Calling
  12. Ambient Temple of Imagination - Olympiads of Thelema
  13. Larry Kucharz - Cosmology

"Voyager" is a very eclectic electronic compilation featuring all sorts of musicians and musical styles. Falling You offers three tracks driven by female vocals with wafting textures and soothing melodies, Viridian Sun ripples the atmosphere with deep bass drones and dark ambient meanderings, while the Life Garden tracks in an exercise in ultra-minimalistic tones and strings. The only thread that holds all of these tracks together is the use of mellow instrumentation. Each artist has simply chosen to use a different set of electronic elements to create a tranquilizing mood. The one exception is Gone Postal with their slightly out of place rhythm section on 'Skeleton Key'. Yet, the chosen moniker sort of makes sense as they are the one bastard child on this compilation who has chosen to use rhythm in the construction of their composition. All of the artists on "Voyager" are excellent for various different reasons and I urge you to experience them yourselves.

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