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vox barbara: The Five Senses

  1. Spirit Musk 8:30
  2. Liquidity 10:01
  3. Resonance 9:47
  4. The Stickiness of Colors 5:14
  5. Membraneous Absorption 10:42

The vox barbara project arrives packages in a homemade paper envelope covered in metal shavings and tied closed with wiring. A single lone graphic portraying a female reaching towards the viewing audience is glued to the cover of of the rough white paper enclosure. Contained within is single hand recorded cassette and computer printed liner notes which explain the experience which the listener is aboutto begin. Once the tape presses play they are bombarded with artificially altered samples from all ends of the listening spectrum and constructed without the aid of any MIDI processing.The music itself is a complex, yet plainly adorned, collection of samples chained together into rough approximation of music. Once might loosely interpret the aural barrage as a experiment gone awry yet hidden depth within the bizarre array of sounds lies a definite pattern. While the tracks individually aren't really all that much to speak of, the totality of the package and the time spent to painstakingly assemble each portion garners a great deal of my respect. vox barbara signals a provocative movement of music back to it's roots where each release was made individually by hand for it's intended audience, a positive change of pace compared much of the drivel released by the large record conglomerates of the present day.

vox barbara are: Frank Smith & Amy Kirk

Tapes available $5 US / $7 World postage paid

Little Man Productions
10 Pearson Avenue #3
Somerville, MA 02144-2306


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