Album Cover

Vond: Slipp sorgen Los

  1. Selvmord
  2. Nar livet tar Farvel
  3. Reisen til en ny verden
  4. Slipp sorgen Los

Following on the footsteps on another reissue, Mortiis has also repackaged, redesigned, and even renamed the debut album of his side project Vond. Yet the one thing I fail to understand is why this is actually a side project. Musically speaking, Vond is practically a perfect replica of any Mortiis release, and since it is composed by the same individual it might as well be the same project. The only difference between the two projects is that Vond seems to be even more mellow than Mortiis and for the most part lacks percussion, instead relying more on strings and brass to build it's textures. As with all of Mortiis' material, the music is very somber, and is a valiant attempt to try to recreate a certain mood and historical experience by means of music. In that sense this is a very beautiful yet abruptly disturbing piece of work because of it's utterly desperate nature and black themes. Ultimately, the music of Vond will appeal to those fans of Mortiis who would lock themselves away from the world and experience the fantasies composed by this Norweigian manic-depressive.

Dark Dungeon
P.O. Box 166155
Chicago, IL 60616


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