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Dave Wright/R.H.Y:YAU: Void Fraction

Side 1: Dave Wright

  1. Razor Vomit Stratosphere
  2. Black Magic Disembowler

Side 2: R.H.Y:YAU:

  1. Context-Dependent
  2. Morphological
  3. Pvhonetic
  4. Finality

This collaboration cassette is broken up into two distinct sections by artist. The first side consists of source material donated by R.H.Y:YAU: and composed by David Wright and the second side is the reverse of the first. Enlightened fans might recognize Dave Wright as the primary member of Not Breathing, currently based out of Tucson, AZ. Having never heard any of Dave's solo material before the first side is a very unique experience. Both tracks are beatless ambient expanses with a varied array of both vocal and environmental samples which ebb and flow throughout each piece. As a result both tracks are very different from his usual group compositional techniques which seems to heighten their intensity and depth. The second side consists of much noiser and experimental material. Instead of building upon a single soundscape for each piece, the artists instead tries to build upon each successive array of sample source material. This keeps each track constantly moving and changing rather quickly as they rapidly change in pitch, depth and tonality. Overall a very intriguing and successful project in concept. I'd definitely like to see other artists attempt to compose tracks based upon other similar artists sound material in the future to see if it will yield the same positive results.

1052 Peach St
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401


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