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Voice of Eye & Life Garden: The Hungry Voice Vol. II - Air

Air is the second volume in a set of live performances and studio work performed by members of Voice of Eye and Life Garden during 1994 entitled The Hungry Void. All of the sounds on the recording were created through live group improvisations. While the elemental audio imagery remains fixed, the subtle differences between Air and Fire become startlingly apparent as the listener immerses themselves in the music. The vibrance brought on by a massive temperature change or violent weather pattern runs parallel alongside the tenets of the music. Pockets of pressure waft by as the elemental plane of air carries on it's daily task much as it has done for millennia. This successful manifestation of the raw elements of nature into the audio realm has never been better performed.

Composed, Performed, & Recorded by:
Su Ling
Jim Wilson
Bonnie McNairn
David Oliphant
Peter Ragan

Cyclotron Industries
P.O. Box 66291
Houston, TX 77266


Agni Music
P.O. Box 1928
Phoenix, AR 85001


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